NM Special Legislative Session ends with 2 bills passed by House


The New Mexico House of Representative ended the special legislative session on Monday with the passage of two more bills to be sent to the governor. The first bill requires that all New Mexico police officers wear body cameras. The cameras that cost nearly $800 each could put a significant strain on local governments that are not currently requiring the use of body cameras. The legislature did not provide funding for the cameras and it is hoped that federal money will be able to fund them. The bill also contained provisions that will de-certify a law enforcement officer that are found guilty or pleads guilty or no contest to the unlawful use or threatened use of force in the line of duty. A police officer could also have his or her certification revoked if an officer fails to intervene in a police action involving the unlawful use of force.

The second bill would invest up to $400 million in Severance Tax Permanent Fund money into a new fund that business owners could draw on for a three-year loan to help them weather financial storms brought on by the COVID-19 threat.

Taken from a report by Robert Nott of the Santa Fe New Mexican