Mine Country 102.1 studios back home in Socorro


After a series of unexpected events Mine Country 102.1 owner Steve Edmondson is again operating Socorro’s Hometown Station from the home studio on Spring Street where it had run for 3 years from 2014-2017. Having taken a job as athletic director and basketball coach at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA. Edmondson attempted to sell the station to a local man, only to have that sale fall through. The station went silent in March of 2018 and remained silent for nearly a year because of a failure of the person that was supposed to be purchasing the station to return the station’s equipment as he was ordered to do by the court. In March 2019 Edmondson put the station back on air in a limited capacity because of the missing equipment, but in August the station went back to full operations with Edmondson running things from Iowa. Edmondson resigned from the coach/athletic position in April 2019 and worked in a warehouse at night from June 2019 until May 21, 2020 because he ahd his wife, Melissa did not want to their daughter, who is a top level runner, to be separated from her cross country and track coaches and teammates for her senior year. With track season cancelled it was time to move back to Socorro. where their home had never sold. So now Mine Country 102.1 not only is transmitted from Socorro, but is operated from Socorro as well. “Most people would never know the difference of whether it was being operated from Iowa or New Mexico, but it will make life simpler for me and allow closer interaction with the community. It has been difficult because of all of the obstacles that were thrown our way, particularly having to essentially replace every piece of equipment and start from scratch, but we have been able to make it work nonetheless and provide a quality, professionally run station whether it has been from 1300 miles away or within the city limits.”