January 14 – COVID-19 Update


On Friday New Mexico reported 5,212 new COVID-19 infections bringing the total over the past four days to more than 20,000. The number of active cases continues to grow rapidly with there now being 69,595, the most since January 27, 2021. The number of New Mexicans hospitalized fell to 586, that 0.84% of all active cases in the state and has been dropping over the past few days. That continued drop is an indicator of the Omicron variant having less severe outcomes than previous variants. There were 36 COVID-19 related deaths reported bringing the total reported in January to 270. It should be noted that each day a significant number of the deaths reported actually occured more than 30 days ago. On Friday 9 of the reported deaths actually occured more that 30 days ago. It is likely that most of the deaths currently being reported are from the Delta variant as there is a lag of 3-4 weeks between reported infections and deaths.

Socorro County saw another substantial increase in the number of infections with 42 reported on Friday and the number of active case rose again to 468. There were no COVID-19 related deaths reported in Socorro County.