Highlights from Warriors 27-14 win over Raton


The Warriors traveled to #1 ranked Raton and took down the Tigers in the “Jungle”. Here are some of the audio highlights of the Warriors big win!

Warriors strike first Brian Armijo 3 yard TD run https://clyp.it/c/warriorsstrikefirst

Tiger’s Cayden Walton ties it with 1 yd. run https://clyp.it/c/waltontiesitat7

Brian Armijo 83 yd TD run, Warriors lead 13-7 https://clyp.it/c/brianarmijo83ydtd

Tiger’s Adrian Romero 15 yd. TD run 14-13 https://clyp.it/c/romero15ydtdrun

Marcus Armijo to Isaiah Ocampo 9 yd TD pass gets Warriors the lead https://clyp.it/c/marmijotoiocampo9ydtdpass

Alex Amaro 3rd quarter interception https://clyp.it/c/alexamarointerception

Warriors convert on 4th and 20, Marcus Armijo to Isaiah Campo to keep scoring drive alive https://clyp.it/c/warriorsconverton4thand20

Marcus Armijo extends Warrior’s lead to 2 scores with 5 yd. TD run https://clyp.it/c/marmijo5ydtdrun

Warriors defeat Tigers 27-14 https://clyp.it/c/warriorsdefeattigers27-14