FCC Grants License Renewal to Socorro Community Radio for KYRN 102.1


After going through a license renewal process that took over a year, Socorro Community Radio LLC (SCR) has been granted a renewal of its broadcast license for KYRN Mine Coutry 102.1. There was a petition to deny the renewal of the license by T. Reese Janca and Green Lion Media LLC (GLM) that lengthened the process by several months. The petition to deny was rejected by the FCC on both procedural and substantive grounds. Janca/GLM has argued for years that the license should be transferred to Janca/GLM and asked that the FCC involuntarily transfer the license, but there is no indication that the Commission gave that request any consideration. SCR will be under a consent degree that requires it to pay a $1500 fine for an unauthorized transfer to Green Lion Media in 2017 after there was an attempt to sell the station to Janca/GLM in June of 2017 that failed due to violations of the terms of the sale agreement by Janca/GLM. SCR admitted to that allegation in the response to the petition to deny. All other allegations by Janca/GLM, including falsification of documents and another supposedly unauthorized transfer of the license in 2013, were flatly rejected by the Commission. The entire FCC Order and Consent Decree can be viewed below.