COVID-19 Update: Cases, Hospitalizations, and Deaths 4/25 – 5-23 by Vaccination Status


Although the state has stopped providing a statistical breakdown of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths covering the most recent 4 weeks based on vaccination status, Mine Country 102.1 has examined the data available and broken it down for our listeners and readers. The most recent 4 weeks statistics available are from April 25th through May 23. Here is what we found:

4/25 – 5/23Vaxed & BoostedVaxed & UnboostedUnvaxed
Cases4349 / 45.9%1890 / 19.9 %3240 / 34.2%
Hospitalized102 / 34.6%78 /26.4 %115 / 39%
Deaths11 /12.2%18 / 20%61 /68%

Those fully vaccinated and boosted along with those that vaccinated and unboosted made up 65.8% of cases, 61% of those hospitalized, and 32.2% of those that died of COVID-19 in the last 4 weeks. Those numbers represent an increase of 0.2% in cases, 6% of those hospitalized, and 9% increase of those that died. The New Mexico Department of Health stop publishing the 4 week breakdown by vaccination status on April 18th but by using the most recent cumulative statistics and past statistics Mine Country 102.1 has been able to put together its own 4 week breakdown of the statistics.