COVID-19 Statistics thru July 18 / 17th consecutive day of 200+ new cases / Hospitalizations fall to 160


These are the latest COVID-19 statistics for New Mexico:

Total COVID-19 cases-16,736 / New cases 380 / Deaths 569 / Recoveries 6,736 / Active COVID-19 cases 9,237 / Current hospitalizations 160 / Tested 460,664

Bernalillo County with 99 new cases, 46 in Dona Ana, 20 in San Juan, and 19 in McKinley made up 66% of the new cases reported in the state. Bernalillo (100), McKinley (198) and San Juan (176) account for 83% of all deaths in New Mexico.

Socorro and bordering counties: Socorro County 64/5 (24 active cases), Catron 4/1 (3 active case), Cibola 259/15 (121 active cases), Lincoln 34/0 (30 active cases), Sierra 19/0 (15 active cases), Torrence 50/1(29 active cases) , Valencia 247/2 (155 active cases)

De Baca is the only county to have had no cases of COVID-19. Harding county has no active cases.

Those over the age of 50 make up 89% of the deaths from COVID-19 and while making up only 33% of all cases. Of those that are under 50 years old only 0.54% have died. If there are no underlying medical conditions present only 0.1% have died.

No one under the age of 20 that has tested positive for COVID-19 has died. Of positive tests for those under thirty only 0.09% have died.

84% of those that have died from COVID-19 also had underlying medical conditions.

It is clear from the looking at the statistics that those who are healthy and under age 50 COVID-19 poses very minimal risk. The conversely for those over the aged of 50 and with underlying medical conditions the risk rises dramatically in each age group.

Below are the deaths in New Mexico broken down by age groups. This information is exclusive to Mine Country 102.1/

AgeDeathsTested Positive% Tested positive that have died

84% (476) of those that have died also had underlying medical conditions.